Copal Sticks

Copal Sticks

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What makes our Copal of highest quality: At Native Pueblo we hand roll and sun dry our sticks primitively. To maintain consistency of the purest form, we start by coating the stick with 100% grounded white copal for the inner layer and we finish with small granules of 100% white copal for the outer layer. Our sticks are 100% pure, no fillers of any kind.

Thus they burn for approximately 2  hours per stick, providing the purest form of copal smoke. See comparison below. NATIVE PUEBLO - 100% White Copal Purity Level: 100% Copal Smoke Time: 2 Hours Aroma: 100% Pure Copal– light, crisp, sweet Other Brands - Black Copal with fillers Purity Level: 5% Copal, chemical based Smoke Time: 15 minutes Aroma: 5% Copal - heavy, smoky, ashy Some consider copal premature amber; others refer to copal as a sub-fossil.

These glue-like resins are extracted from various tree barks. When burned they deliver a mystical aroma which Natives call Sacred Smoke. The word Copal, derived from the Nahuatl language Copalli, translates to incense. This natural smoke has been used for thousands of years by Natives.

Today copal is used by various indigenous groups during ceremonies, cleansings, prayers, funerals, sweat lodges, weddings and new home blessings. Besides our ancestry tradition, this exquisite piece of nature is also used for other purposes; such as, aroma therapy, spiritual healing, massage therapy and meditation.

Copal smoke for medicinal purposes dates as far back as 3,000 BC. These procedures were revealed by Indigenous Mesoamerican societies. They believed allowing copal fumes to pass over the body cured various illnesses. Most importantly, copal fumes protect oneself against sorcery, sickness, depression and misfortune. Natives also use copal to cleanse the body after contact with the ritually unclean, especially sick persons and corpses. We hope you enjoy our family incense and experience the healing properties of copal.